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Frequently Asked Questions


What is WineBourse

WineBourse is a low cost online trading platform for cases of wine stored in UK and European Bonded Warehouses.

WineBourse is designed for private collectors and industry professionals to transact anonymously, efficiently, and securely in a transparent real-time marketplace.


Why is WineBourse a technology leader in the Wine industry?

WineBourse’s trading platform is integrated with the stock management and logistical operating systems of its partnered bonded warehouses.

This means WineBourse’s clients can benefit from an automated, secure, and efficient trading experience.

The trade settlement period on WineBourse is a fraction of what currently exists in the market.

Our end-to-end data integration with our partnered warehouses also means that our users can easily view and manage their wine portfolio in a seamless and enjoyable user experience.


What is WineClear (Delivery versus Payment)?

WineClear is the clearing company for WineBourse group.

WineClear provides a secure transaction clearing process on every TRADE called "Delivery versus Payment", which is a Global Financial Markets standard for the settlement of commodities.

During this “trade clearing period” the objective is to ensure simultaneous exchange of the wine for the receipt of payment.

WineClear uses the services of WineCustody to store the wine during the trade clearing period. WineCustody is the group’s Custodial company, and is fully ring-fenced from the rest of the group to ensure peace of mind to our clients. See What is WineCustody for further information.


What is WineCustody?

In order to complete a secure simultaneous exchange of the traded wine for receipt of payment, WineClear uses WineCustody to store the wine until it is ready for transfer to the Buyer’s preferred bonded account or delivery address.

WineCustody is the group's custodial company, legally structured as a trust whereby it is only a “Nominee holder” of wine held in its consignment.

Therefore WineBourse’s client always remains as the “Beneficiary” owner of wine held at WineCustody.

WineCustody has been designed to provide optimum peace of mind to our clients. The company is fully ring-fenced from the rest of the group by the following Articles of Association:

  • No Cross-Default with any other part of the group
  • No inter-company lending
  • No co-mingling of assets with any other part of the group
  • No shareholders present or future may pledge any assets or shareholding for any reason
  • All shareholders pledge not to alter any of the above listed, four Articles of Association

All WineBourse users receive their own WineCustody account upon registration.

WineCustody offers some of the most competitive storage rates in the market also, should you wish to store your wines with us.