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WineBourse is a low cost online trading platform for cases of wine stored in UK and European bonded warehouses. The trading platform is designed for private collectors and industry professionals to transact anonymously, efficiently, and securely in a real-time marketplace.

WineBourse uses a secure transaction clearing process on every trade called Delivery versus Payment, which is a Global Financial Markets standard for the settlement of commodities. During the "trade clearing period" the objective is to ensure simultaneous exchange of the wine for the receipt of payment. The standard is to administer this process through an independent third party, often referred to as a Clearing company. WineClear is the clearing company for WineBourse group.

WineCustody is the group's custodial company, offering extremely competitive retail rates for wine storage with the most secure corporate structure for handling wine in consignment.

See our How it works section for short videos which explain the WineBourse experience in more detail

Matthew Starr
Managing Director and Co-Founder
Over 20 years in Emerging Markets Fixed Income trading and sales, primarily with JPMorgan London.
Michael Corcoran
Director and Co-Founder
15 years in business technology, defining and leading implementation of both ERP and Financial Trading systems.
Roman Borisovich
Over 20 years in investment banking and finance with JP Morgan, BAML, SBSA, Deutsche Bank and Rosgosstrakh.
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